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Olivia Molly Rogers on how she planned the most watched wedding on Instagram.

As for the name change, Olivia decided that she wanted to change her last name to Justin’s, becoming Olivia Molly McKeone. 

“Work-wise, Olivia Rogers is how people know me, so I don’t want to change that, but legally and among family and friends, I’ll be Olivia McKeone. Plus, McKeone is a bit more original which is nice compared to Rogers.”

When it comes to work, Olivia is a public person. And with an online profile, this can open someone up to unwarranted comments. 

Mamamia was interested to see what the impact of that was like on Olivia planning a wedding, knowing it would be splashed across the Internet for many to see. 

“I’m so used to seeing my photos ending up everywhere (on news sites that shall not be named…), so my plan was to choose everything Justin and I love and that makes us feel good: if other people don’t really like it, I don’t care, because it was about
us,” she noted.

Listen to Mamamia’s wedding podcast Hitched: The budget. Post continues after audio.

But something that Olivia also wanted to be transparent on was her hope for others not to feel any amount of pressure to conform to what some weddings on Instagram and Pinterest look like in this day and age.

“I know it’s quite overwhelming planning a wedding and looking at other people’s events and thinking, ‘Oh, God, I have to have that’. I was very lucky that in the position I’m in, the dress I wore I don’t get to keep that: I give it back to the brand,
as they wanted me to wear it for that kind of reason.”

She continued: “I would hate for anybody to compare their wedding plans to mine and feel pressured to have everything that we had: I think weddings are such a personal thing. On social media, you are seeing the very best parts of the wedding.”

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