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What Does A Wedding Videography Package Include? - EDM Chicago

Being honest and open are two of the most important parts of any interaction with clients or customers. That’s why it’s important to have wedding photography and videography packages that are reasonably priced and attractive. The use of high-quality video editing software assists in meeting all wedding requirements.

Videographers like Forever After provide their clients with a wide range of wedding package options. But what should you expect from the wedding video package you request? Where should you direct your attention, and what considerations can be discounted?

Professional videographers for weddings often report feeling uncertain about future opportunities. Some people put things that don’t matter ahead of the quality of the service they give or the amount of work needed to meet the client’s needs. Some videographers offer dozens of different bundles, which may appear appealing at first but just end up confusing their clients.

Would it be best to keep to free or low-cost base packages and enable paid upgrades? Should you plan for the most expensive scenario when creating packages? Before attempting to organize volunteer activities, you should consider and answer those questions. Listed below are some of the most important components of every wedding video package and an explanation of why they are crucial for your special day.

1. Teaser Video

Have you made any teaser or trailer for your wedding? As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about how this could have happened and why you agreed to make a romantic comedy. To answer that: You didn’t, but it’s quite acceptable to have a preview of your own wedding, especially if you go with a budget-friendly wedding videography package. Most wedding videographers should include this at no extra cost, as it’ll likely be included in a package or offer.

2. Hours Of Coverage

Source: vivophotography.com

Coverage hours for weddings often range from four to twelve. Theoretically, your wedding film will be more engaging and varied in its edited form if you have more coverage.

You need to know not only the total number of hours your videographer will be present, but also what specific events will be filmed. Will they record the wedding ceremony and the reception, in addition to the bride and groom’s preparations? When will they leave the reception, and will they be there for the major events, such as the first dance and cutting of the cake?

3. Same Day Edits

Editing is a crucial part of making any video; thus, the ability to do so quickly is a must. It acts as the yin to the yang; with it, the videography can appear comfortable and professional. Avoid the frustration of a poorly edited or video-graphed film by taking preventative measures. Be sure that the packages for wedding videography you’re considering include not only editing but editing on the day of the wedding. This makes the film better in ways that are hard to describe and much easier to remember.

4. Full Video

Source: youtube.com

This is the least-edited version; thus, it has all of the footage captured at the wedding. It goes in a straight line from the beginning to the end, covering everything that happened at the wedding. Many couples neglect to include this as part of their wedding film package, but it’s a vital element.

5. Video Highlights

Non-linear editing can be used to tell a story about the wedding’s main events or the planning process. It’s standard practice for videographers to incorporate this into wedding packages. But be wary of those who don’t as they will just give you the raw wedding footage.

6. Edited Version Of The Full Video

Source: youtube.com

Wedding videographers typically capture hours of raw footage and cut it down to a more manageable length before adding music. See how long the final cut will be. The final edit time for most standard packages is between two and three hours.

A shorter highlights sequence, lasting only ten to fifteen minutes, may also be included in wedding video packages. Many newlyweds today also choose to create a short promotional video to share with guests before the big day, which may also be viewed online as a trailer for the wedding itself.

Learn how much say you’ll have in the final cut. Can you help decide what songs play during the film, and how much of the material is in a documentary format versus how much is straight reporting?

7. Final Output

Your wedding film should come on DVD as part of the package; however, disc quality can vary widely. The edited video and a highlights reel can be found on separate discs in some bundles. So that you don’t miss a thing, some box sets include a third disc containing all the material shot by the videographer.

Depending on the package you select, most videographers will offer an option of DVD covers and labels, and professional menus and scene choices will be included in your wedding DVD.

8. Optional Add-Ons

Source: bhphotovideo.com

Most videographers will allow you to include other materials in your wedding film for a moderate uptick in price. Having a videographer stay until the very end of the reception to catch all of the dancing is one of the many optional extras that may be added to a wedding.

Extra DVDs with personalized case art can be sent for gifting to friends and family. You can generate additional DVDs from the original footage, and some videographers will even give you the digital master copy to keep. The highlights could be offered on iPod or Blu-ray by others.

The Bottomline

The cost of a professional wedding videographer can add up quickly. Video footage is one of the few things you can keep forever from your wedding day. Because of this, you should take your time choosing a videographer to capture your big day.

Make sure you and your soon-to-be spouse share a good chemistry with any potential wedding videographer candidates you may be considering before making a final decision. Think about how long they’ve been in business, how much experience they have shooting weddings, and what services are included in their pricing packages.

Finally, you’ll want to discuss the details, such as whether or not they’re available on your wedding day, how the day of the wedding will go, how long it will take to get the finished movie to you, and how they’ll give you the wedding footage.

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