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The Top Wedding Photo and Film Trends of 2023

Not only are weddings looking different in 2023 than years before, the way we capture them is changing as well. Wedding photos and video styles are also changing with the times and these stunning images are truly making us excited to showcase weddings this year. Like many of the other décor and planning trends we are seeing, authenticity and intimacy is at the heart of how we capture these celebrations.

After speaking with many industry experts about weddings in the year ahead, many of them are echoing the same tune. Ahead, see what photography and video trends will reign in 2023.

Meet the Expert

  • Ryan Ray is a fine art wedding photographer based in the South who shoots weddings worldwide.
  • Larissa Cleveland is a Bay Area-based wedding photographer.
  • Shannen Norman and Emily Blake are the wedding photography team behind Norman & Blake.
  • Nathalie Cadet-James is the founder of the event and wedding planning company Luxe Fête.
  • Matoli Keely is a Southern California-based editorial and wedding photographer.
  • Jenny Quicksall is a fine art destination wedding photographer.
  • Amy Anaiz is an intimate editorial wedding and portrait photographer based in Washington D.C.

Photo by Danilo and Sharon

Candid Moments

The days of the overly posed wedding photo may be behind us. Many photographers note that those in-between images from the day, where natural joy and emotion shine through, are many of their clients favorites. “I love that couples are loving real moments captured,” notes photographer Ryan Ray. “My clients have been less about a shot list and more about being present and enjoying their day.” Wedding photographer Larissa Cleveland adds, “I’m thrilled to see clients letting go of overly staged Pinterest moments and embracing candid, imperfect, authentic imagery that really captures the spirit of their day.”

Photo by Emily Majors Photography

Film Photography and Video

While digital photography remains a staple for most wedding photographers, they share that requests for film have been on the rise. “We are loving that couples seem to be growing in their appreciation of different types of film formats right now,” share Shannen Norman and Emily Blake, the team behind Norman & Blake. “I’ve been loving the resurgence of film, particularly with point-and-shoot cameras,” says photographer Sasithon Pooviriyakul. “The images have a nostalgic, fleeting quality, especially for dancing and party photos.”

This trend is translating over to wedding videography, as well. Grainy cinematography and even Super 8 mm film will been seen at more weddings ahead. “The unfiltered storytelling reminds me why I fell in love with producing weddings,” shares wedding planner Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fête. “It’s raw.”

Photo by Hugo Coelho

Photos Taken by Guests

While hiring a great wedding photographer is an essential to capture all the big moments and details of your wedding day, some couples are giving guests the opportunity to catch unique and intimate shots on their own. One big trend for 2023 is leaving out polaroids and disposable cameras for attendees to use at the dinner table or take with them on the dance floor. This expands upon the film trend with a more personal view from guests at the center of festivities. Even pros are using this film medium more. “There have been requests for images with disposable cameras throughout that day,” says photographer Matoli Keely. “I fully enjoy how easy and fun it is.”

Photo by Beatrice Howell

Drone Shots

Couples looking to get a broader look at their wedding design might be intrigued by the trend to use of drones to capture photos of their nuptials. From overhead shots of their reception décor to pulled back views of the ceremony from above, this method definitely can bring more gravitas to an image. Photographer Jenny Quicksall says it’s one trend she hopes will grow in 2023. “It gives such a grand and different perspective of an event or moment,” she shares.

Photo by Charla Storey Photography

Elevated Photo Sets

While the photo booth is definitely not a new addition to weddings, more couples are looking to elevate the experience with beautiful drapery and décor to enhance and elevate the experience. Wedding photographer Amy Anaiz shares that she expects to see more “interactive ‘set’ photo booths that guests can enjoy and get more editorial style photos” in the coming year.

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