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Singaporean Couple Gets $30 Wedding Videography From Taobao, Comes With Animation & Proper Edits

Taobao Wedding Video

Taobao is a shopping platform that needs no introduction ‒ you can practically order almost everything at an affordable price, including clothes, furniture, and now, even wedding videos. One Singaporean couple recently shared their experience of having their wedding video done on the e-commerce app, complete with animation and proper edits. The best part? It only cost $30. 

The video

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Commissioning a videographer to produce your wedding videos can cost at least $2,000 in Singapore, and some couples prefer to save costs by looking for more economical alternatives. For instance, they may consider sourcing video-editing services on Taobao. 


According to TikTok user @tikachuxo, you’ll only need to provide wedding photos to a Taobao shop, which offers video-editing service. There are a couple of templates to choose from, and the videos begin with animations of a couple about to get married. 

As for the background music, the video features classic C-pop love songs that some might recognise, such as Mayday’s “Lian Ai ING”. 


For $30, the 2-minute wedding video also includes an introduction of both the groom and bride. 


It showcases the couple in their animated form before transitioning into individual wedding photos of the groom and bride. 

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To hype up the wedding guests, the video also kickstarts a 10-second countdown that flashes different wedding photos of the couple. Not only does it remind guests that they are welcoming the newlyweds in a matter of seconds, but it also signals the start of the new life that the couple has committed to each other. Sweet


Of course, the wedding video concludes with an animation of the couple dancing in each other’s arms. 

While some TikTok users commented that the animation reminded them of the characters from AuditonSEA, I’d say that the video is pretty well-made for $30. If you think about it, that’s around the cost of 7 cups of BBT. 

You Can Commission Your Own Wedding Video On Taobao For $30

There are many ways to cut costs when it comes to holding a wedding, and one method is to commission your own wedding video on Taobao for $30. Those interested in learning more about the wedding video service can visit the Taobao store here

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