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Millennials are increasingly opting for intimate weddings post-pandemic | Pune News - Times of India

PUNE: The big fat Indian wedding shrunk to smaller events with a limited guest list consisting of close family and friends over the pandemic. But even with the absence of any restrictions, the trend to host intimate weddings continues to be a popular choice among millennials.
To-be bride Janhavi Agarwal from Pune said, “During my brother’s wedding a decade ago, there were approximately 800-900 guests. My parents had invited everyone they knew. But for my wedding in January 2023, I have limited the guestlist to family and very close friends – no colleagues, no extended families, no old neighbours. Though it was a bitter pill to swallow for the elders in the family, we convinced them that we don’t want to spend so much just to include people we hardly know.”
According to the Annual Wedding Report by WedMeGood, an Indian wedding planning app, a quarter of weddings this year were still intimate weddings (under 100 people). This is down from 35% last year, however, the numbers hint towards the fact that weddings may have permanently changed post pandemic, an intimate setting being the socially acceptable choice.
Exclusivity is a factor even celebrities are looking at, making their wedding ceremonies a close knit family affair followed by a grand reception to fit in a bigger guest list- like actors Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal whose nuptial ceremonies were a private affair while their reception in Mumbai was a star-studded event.
Shashank Gupta, co-founder and director, TailorMade Experiences, who managed celebrity couple’s wedding celebrations in all three cities, said, “These days the most frequent demand from our clients is personalisation. Instead of making the wedding celebrations opulent, they want it to look more detailed, warm and catered towards every guest. And since it’s a smaller affair, nowadays a lot more people want to make their weddings eco-conscious as well.”
The trend of smaller weddings may also stem from the fact that couples are opting to pay for their weddings themselves, and hence making financial decisions to cut out avoidable expenses.
Col Manbeer Choudhary, Chairman and Managing Director, Jewels Group of Hotels, said, “Millennials are not only hands-on while planning their weddings, but are also willing to share the cost equally. From venue, decor and menu, to the ceremonies, guest list, and so on, they know what they want. Noor Mahal Palace Hotel, a popular wedding destination in Karnal, is witnessing a social change where millennials are actively involved in the planning process. There is a rise in the trend of intimate weddings, but the focus is on conceptualising them in a way that makes these special moments unique. Even for intimate weddings, a fairy tale-style setting with Instagram-worthy backdrops of palace hotels is becoming more dominant in India.”
While millennials are seen scaling down on some aspects of a wedding, they don’t mind splurging on services such as make-up, outfits, gifting and photography.
Delhi-based make-up and hair expert Sahiba K Anand, said “The focus is now more on creating and recording these memories. Hence along with photographers, makeup artists are still an important aspect of any wedding. The brides, bridesmaids, or their families continue to get dressed with the best outfits and hire the best makeup artists, irrespective of the fact that the weddings may be more intimate.”
Vishal Punjabi, founder of Mumbai-based wedding videography service called The Wedding Filmer, said, “Not only does having a smaller wedding guest list make it more affordable, it also lends itself for a better experience. Intimate weddings mean more time with just the people you love.. Actress Anushka Sharma had 40 guests, while Deepika Padukone had close to 80 and their weddings were before the pandemic.”
He said, “Multiple cities, chartered flights and parties on planes, to island book outs and cruise ships require a huge international crew but a small, intimate wedding in the backyard of a farmhouse doesn’t need that much production. Intimate weddings give the videography crew a chance to get to know everyone which helps the wedding film be more story driven. Music choices are also more special because they mean more to the bride and groom. I have noticed an increase in the amount people spend on their films and photography because they are saving a lot by having a smaller wedding.”
Shalini Beriwal, founder of Delhi-based Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals (MAPP), said there has been a demand for bulk gifting options and sumptuous amounts of hampers before the pandemic. “However now people prefer designer, high quality give-aways and personalised gifting solutions instead,” she said.

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