KTTX News comes with a built-in advertising platform that helps you earn revenue from the content you publish to KTTX News. Campaign management, targeting, and creative and reporting capabilities give you the tools you need to drive your business. Keep 100% of the revenue from ads you sell, and 70% when KTTX sells ads for you.

News Publisher makes it easy to distribute interactive and engaging articles in KTTX News. Articles from your CMS can be converted to KTTX News Format and delivered directly through the KTTX News API. You can also handcraft articles in a text editor and upload them using News Publisher, or create articles directly in News Publisher with KTTX web-based editing tool. You’ll also get valuable metrics on how readers engage with your content.

The KTTX puts advertising on its website for users outside the Canada. We use the income to help fund KTTX services and keep the licence fee (paid by Canada households) lower than it otherwise would be.

We have very strict rules governing the adverts and advertisers which we can accept and we would never allow non-KTTX approved advertising on our website. However, if you do notice some inappropriate advertising we would recommend clearing the cache on your internet browser as this may cause inappropriate adverts to appear.

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