New Brunswick shrinks bubble with Quebec after rise in COVID-19 cases in Avignon – New Brunswick

After the Avignon region in Quebec saw a rise in cases of the coronavirus, New Brunswick has decided to restrict the travel bubble between the provinces.

As of Friday, only residents of the Listuguj First Nation and Pointe-à-la-Croix will be allowed to take day trips to New Brunswick.

The two Quebec communities have no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“They will be taking steps to work with New Brunswick so that their residents limit their travel to their own communities and to the Campbellton region as much as possible so that we can continue to keep this area open,” said Premier Blaine Higgs in a news release.

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New Brunswick says non-essential travel from other parts of Avignon are no longer allowed. Only travel that is work-related, or for medical or child care is permitted.

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According to the release, people entering from Listuguj First Nation and Pointe-à-la-Croix for day trips must:

  • pre-register for travel
  • prove residency in an Atlantic Province, Listuguj First Nation or Pointe-à-la Croix
  • confirm they are free of COVID-19 symptoms
  • confirm they have not travelled outside their communities, except into an Atlantic province, in 14 days

Trick-or-treating can be made safe despite concerns in New Brunswick, says epidemiologist

Trick-or-treating can be made safe despite concerns in New Brunswick, says epidemiologist

Effective Friday, all previously approved registrations to and from Avignon for non-essential trips are no longer valid.

“Cabinet and the COVID-19 all-party cabinet committee made the decision after reviewing public health advice, epidemiology reports, rising cases and changes in the alert levels,” Higgs said.

New Brunswick previously shrunk the bubble with Quebec by restricting communities in Témiscouata Municipal Regional County in Quebec, near Edmundston.

Travel from the area was suspended Sept. 17 and all approved trips are no longer valid.

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