Fraternity Values

WHEREAS, each member of Theta Xi is charged with the responsibility to advance the high ideals of the Fraternity and uphold its standards of excellence; and

WHEREAS, it is the Fraternity’s goal to advance these ideals by positively enhancing the development of its members with high-quality, personally relevant experiences; and

WHEREAS, Theta Xi Fraternity supports the belief that the fraternity experience should be designed to bond members together without sacrificing anyone's personal identity; and

WHEREAS, the membership of Theta Xi, through leadership at national and regional meetings, has identified basic Fraternity values;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that consistent with the Ritual, the Constitution and By-Laws, and the Purpose of the Fraternity, the members of Theta Xi, in each and every aspect of their fraternity experience, shall be guided by and promote to all fellow members these ten basic values and expectations:

  • BROTHERHOOD -Demonstrate a commitment to developing meaningful and lasting friendships.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - Accept accountability for one’s decisions, behavior, obligations, and commitments.
  • SELF-ESTEEM - Develop confidence in personal abilities and take pride in oneself.
  • INTEGRITY - Be honest and fair in conduct with oneself and others.
  • RESPECT - Show appreciation and concern for the worth of others.
  • LEARNING - Demonstrate a commitment to academic success and intellectual curiosity.
  • DIVERSITY - Recognize and appreciate the value of different ideas, opinions, and cultures.
  • COMPASSION - Reach out actively to support those in need of assistance.
  • ACHIEVEMENT - Accomplish tasks based on previously established goals.
  • LEADERSHIP - Develop an ability to foster teamwork to mobilize efforts to achieve common fraternity, campus, and community goals.